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Inner Child Healing

You know Rebecca for a long long time, I've been living with a wound that I didn't know about.

Somehow my inner child, my little girl child, she was feeling someone betrayed her.

Or maybe not betrayed felt a kind of punishment for something she had done and she didn't feel her mama loved her and cared for her.

So she was left alone helpless helpless in the Darkness wanting for Something That Never Comes.
Sylvia's story is SO important I want you to see
what true deliverance looks like.
This can happen for you too!
My Inner child was crying in the dark waiting for a strong Mama, for a strong female energy to stand up for her, to speak up for her.

To say NO to the abuse that was happening to her.
To validate her and believe her.
To acknowledge that little girl was telling was the TRUTH! Crying for someone to help her!

Sylvia cannot remember her inner child, cannot get in touch with her, no matter how hard she tried!

My tiny girl, she didn't want to come out because there was no mama to accept her. No strong woman to fight for her, to love her deeply... no matter what.

Rebecca somehow, in these days you did it!

Yes, when you contacted me through the Voice message, with the words of love and strength...you filled that Gap!

You made that bridge!

You are being the strong female energy to love me no matter my size, my age, whatever…

You just love me just how I am, not when I'm thinner, when I'm younger, when I'm more.

Not when I have more money, you love me just how I am.

Rebecca you told me that you see my true self, my inner child self, and my grown-up self and my soul Shining!

You have been my advocate.
You asked Divine Mother to help me!
You blessed me, you did forgiveness work for me, when I felt too weak to do it myself.
Somehow this warm feeling finally comes to me.

This strong female energy is birthing in myself. I am able to forgive all the abuses that were done to me when I was a helpless little girl!

I don’t need to look elsewhere, except to my Divine, for finally being the Strong Light worker that I desire to be!

Rebecca, I never invest better my money.

I can never never re-pay you for the gift, the love, the help, and the healing you threw over me.

It was like a rain of blessing, even if I don't listen to the voice message every day.

You keep loving me, you keep blessing me, helping me every single day like protective Warrior.

I cannot say, I have no words to tell you how much I appreciate your help and I'm so grateful.

Rebecca, it was 20 years ago, I fell in love, I spread my wings and I tried to fly.

Somebody shoot me and I have to go back to crawling over the floor crying... crying for all the freedom that I lost.

But now I'm Healed! Now both my inner child and me are healed!


Spiritual Healing from Parasitic Energies

Sharon came to me seeking relief from life-long depression, health and emotional issues.

As I tuned in to Sharon's energy, I could see that she was practically "eaten alive" with parasitic entities.

I advised her that this was no...One Session wonder, she took my advice, secured a package and we went to work.

Poor Sharon was so filled with parasitic energies, I had to energetically cut her body in half, heal the lower half first and then take care of the upper half!

Sharon changed before my eyes! Her skin became smooth and youthful and she looked 20 years younger! This is what can happen when years of life-sucking burdens are taken off!

I did advise Sharon to never speak of the horrible circumstances again.

It is like calling the entities BACK to you! She took my advice and remains happy and youthful to this day!


Cure White Sugar and Chocolate Cravings!

Rebecca, Thank you so much for this ebook gift and the gift of guiding me through the process.

I love love love this! I read every word. I was able to highlight the important parts for myself. I was also able to leave notes in my version. I do this with my paper books and it's an invaluable tool for me!!

I followed you with the process for what showed up as the divinity and peanut butter fudge that I only got at my paternal grandmother's house at Christmas.

So the timing of this book and the work to clear the addiction was perfect!. Although my grandmother passed decades ago, that's what came up for me in the meditation you gave us in the beginning, to help us connect to the 'addiction' that is up now. I started at a 10+ I didn't lick that divinity and fudge...and now I don't crave at all! Velma!

5 out of 5 stars Cure White Sugar & Chocolate cravings!

Clear and concise thank goodness! A nice taste of her protocol.

Rebecca has done a lovely job of combining her own energy healing technique with meridian tapping, to successfully clear resistance to dropping unhealthy oral and social comforts, and to dull opiate receptors to unhealthy cravings.

In this slender volume, she wastes no time getting to the description of her protocol. I was delighted she avoided the indulgence of lengthy preamble and padding which so often is unpalatable to busy readers.

I am a clinician very familiar with these approaches generally so can't comment on how clear the explanations may be to the totally uninitiated, other than to say the Meridian tapping to me seemed particularly well spelled out in the Appendix.

Well done Rebecca and thanks for your friendly offering.


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